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Invitation to WIA-Festival 2012
The 1st World Inventor Award Festival 2012

Dear inventor families and friends across the nations,

Realizing the hard work and contribution dedicated by inventors around the world, to recognize those recognizable inventors as the purpose of its opening, the first ever World Inventor Award Festival has opened its doors upon your presence in this year 2012 to be held in Seoul, Korea
on coming December 15th.

At WIAF, or so-called WIA-Festival we select inventors from all over the world who possess
great profiles for their success, contribution and service in all field of inventions and inventor

This event serves as the best and extraordinary opportunity for inventors where their overall
work and career towards inventions can be recognized with the higher valued “World Inventor Order of Merit” that surpasses ordinary gold, silver, bronze awards and other common
recognitions, to unify all of them into one true special medal, World Inventor Order of Merit,
thus to aid and support the ordered inventors’ future reference for work, business promotions
and advertisement purposes. As well, the Order will be valued throughout their generations.

Currently, inventors from more than 50 countries are processing their registrations in this
WIA-Festival 2012. We truly hope for all of your participation, and enlighten yourself with the
high-valued Order of Merit as the recognized world inventor from your communities.

The World Inventor Order of Merit is the grand prize of exceptional quality and value,
presented in a form of Order medal & Order certificate, carrying the value nothing like the gold, silver or bronze awards normally seen at international invention exhibitions. There are only a
limited number of Orders presented in WIAF 2012 as there are only 115 Inventor Orders
entitled from 19 different Merit Divisions representing various categories in the field of inventions for elementary, middle, high school, university students, individual inventors, companies,
researchers, professors, inventor association delegates, etc for everyone.

The festival is organized by Korea Invention News, in collaboration with the World Invention
Intellectual Property Associations, Asia Invention Association, Asia Invention Creativity
Association, International Intellectual Property Network Forum, Taiwan Invention Intellectual
Property Association, Asia Creative Student Inventors Association, Korean Federation of
Invention Enterprises Corp, Hong Kong Invention Association Ltd, International Iranian
Innovators & Elites Institute, ENVEX Young Researcher Club – Universiti MalaysiaPerlis,
Association of Polish Inventors & Rationalizers, Romanian Inventors Forum,
Egyptian Inventors Union, Romanian Inventors Forum, National Association of Inventors (Italy)

Schedule of Event (confirmed):

Registration Period: 2012. 7. 2 (JULY 2) ~ 10. 30 (OCT 30), 2012


Subject of Applicant(s): worldwide inventors, researchers, professors, individual inventor,
student inventors of all academic levels (elementary, middle, high school & universities),
inventor association delegates, invention instructors, scientists, book authors, and many more!

Application Registration Fee: FREE OF CHARGE (for email registration only)

* When applicants are after the judging and decisions of the organizers, they are invited to
Korea to participate in WIA-Festival 2012 ceremony to be held in Seoul. The award winners will be charged for USD 500 / 1 person to participate.

Application Download: DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENTS HERE for App Guide & Registration Form

* Method of Registration: E-MAIL submission to -->

* Announcement of Winners: November 15, 2012
* Award Ceremony (in Seoul): December 15, 2012 (SAT)

* Organizer/Reception: KOREA INVENTION NEWS (Commission of WIAF)
* FOR INQUIRIES, contact /

We look forward for your participation and success!


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