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작성일 : 12-05-21 12:30
<DOWNLOAD> CIGIF 2012 Entry Guide & Entry Form
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   3rd_CIGIF2012_Entry_Guide.docx (317.7K) [87] DATE : 2012-05-21 12:30:03
   3rd_CIGIF2012_Entry_Form.docx (92.4K) [20] DATE : 2012-05-21 12:30:03
Dear genius inventors around the world !

It is our joy and honor to invite you to the 3rd edition of...

<<Korea Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair 2012 (CIGIF 2012)>>

Organized by: Korea Invention News (KINEWS)
Supervised by: Asia Invention Association (AIA), Asia Invention Creativity Association (AICA),
                    Korea Invention Academy (KIA)

Sponsored by: CIGIF 2012 International Organizing Committee

Application Deadline : UNTIL OCTOBER 30TH, 2012
CIGIF 2012 AWARDS Ceremony : NOVEMBER 24TH, 2012

CIGIF is the signature inventor fair of Korea organized by Korea Invention News (KINEWS)
in which the fair is held WITHOUT stands and booths, but in documentation format creating a
new conceptual opportunity for young and adult inventors to demonstrate and exemplify their
creativity applied into the latest innovative inventions they present through both texts &
The fair is gathered by numerous participants and their representing national delegations from
around the world to recognize genius inventions and ideas presented as well as to generate a
new style of opportunity to connect with one another to trigger valuable collaborations, thus
propelling international inventor communities into greater heights!

We welcome you to CIGIF 2012 in Seoul, Korea

Korea Invention News

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